Site Development Process

We follow a detailed development process in a top-down approach to site design. We assess your current needs and discuss future possible needs, so that your site will be functionable and easily scalable as you grow. We believe in keeping a site streamlined and direct, but including depth of content when needed. You have input at all stages of the process so that you are well informed and may be involved in the process as much or as little as you would like.

1. Establish goals and measures

 Purpose
 Audience
 Scope
 Constraints
 Budget
 Launch Timing 

2. Research alternate approaches

3. Develop a framework establishing the primary functions of the web presence

4. Develop a navigational scheme incorporating the goals & objectives within the framework

5. Develop alternative graphic treatments

6. Site build & coding

7. In-house testing

8. Client and external testing

9. Search engine submission

10. Monitor and manage site under contract.

11. Additional offerings

 one-on-one customized training
 customized documentation
 on-going full webmaster services

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