On-line Presence Managment

You may think that your on-line presence is limited to having a good website, however in today’s social networking world just a website is not enough. You need to look at the many different options available and select the marketing approaches that are most suited to your business needs. How do you know if facebook, twitter, linked-in, blogs, directed e-mail marketing campaigns are or are not good choices for your business? 

Partner with Dougery Consulting Services to evaluate and plan your on-line presence and to determine the best on-line markenting channels for your specific business and goals.

Branding and Identity

You may think of branding as not important for the small business, but it is even more important for a small business than for large corporations as the connection to each of your individual clients is more important for your bottom line than it is for a huge corporation. It means more to you to have an additional 100 clients than it does to a giant corporation. 

Partner with Dougery Consulting Services to establishing and/or reinforce your brand within your client market. We assist you in avoiding ruining your current brand and helping you to highlight the strengths of your business in a manner that will reach your clients!

Advertising Plan Analysis

We review your current advertising plan and analyze if it is the most effective use of your precious dollars. Perhaps you are spending too much for advertising for your return on investment (ROI), so adjustments should be made. We will make recommendations and implement them, if you so choose.

Advertising Channels

Partner with Dougery Consulting Services if you are looking for new advertising channels. We will research, build, and execute a terrific advertising plan cutomized for your business. We find creative methods of reaching your clients, which can often reduce your advertising costs.

Advertising Copy

If you need full-color or single color, we develop unique advertisements for your needs. Be it for the Yellow Pages or other publication, we spend the time to make our partners ads stand out!


Dougery Consulting Services provides comprehensive collateral development, which unifies and reinforces the partner’s brand.

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