IT Support

Computer and Software Support

Employee Training*

Do you need a manual so that all employees follow the same processes?

We will help! We will learn your business methods and formulate the appropriate documentation. This documentation may be hard copy, soft copy, or web based depending your your company’s needs.

Do your employees need training or updating of their computer skills?

We will help! We give fabulous training for groups or one-on-one classes. We write custom training materials for our classes and also produce self-paced programs, when that is most appropriate.

Do you need someone to contact when you can’t get MS Word to format properly or other software had you tied in mental knots?

We will help! We provide patient help when you need it.

Hardware and Software Analysis*

Are you wondering if your current computers are too old or need upgrading?

We will help! We will review your current sytem setup* and help you determine the costs of upgrading and weather it makes financial sense for your business.

Need to know if there is a better and economical software solution available for your business?

We will help! We will research options and do a cost-benefit analysis, so that you have the information you need to determine if and when an upgrade should be done.

Do you need advice and assistace documenting and assessing what harware and software you currently have and determining when upgrades will be needed? 

We will help! Perhaps you don’t need completely new systems, but only software upgrades or addionational RAM or HD space. Perhaps your systems are all great, but your bandwidth is what is slowing your productivity. We will do the assessment and make recommendations, so you may continue to focus on your other business tasks.

Software and Hardware Acquisition

Do you know that your systems need upgrading, but don’t understand computer lingo well enough to evaluate the different options?

We will help! We will put together the various options for you and help you understand what you need to know to make an informed decision.

*On-site assessment and in-person training services available in the Greater Bay Area of California.

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